Domestic Mediation

  • Early mediation

  • Court referred

  • Parenting plans

  • Special Educational needs or goals

  • Value and Goal oriented

 Mediation is process of attempting to reach a voluntary and self-determined agreement among the parties.  It is an ancient form of dispute resolution and one emphasized in modern times of expensive, public, and often slow court litigation.  Mediation is often started after the filing of a lawsuit or action and involves lawyers and court schedules or time constraints.  However, mediation can be done before filing and with or without attorneys, although you are always free and encouraged to seek an attorney for legal counsel and advice.

Even if the mediation does not resolve all parts of a dispute, it can refine and clarify the problems and potential solutions which may ease or better prepare litigation and final resolution.

Court facility
or private offices

Ability to involve outside experts

Focused process

Employment and Commercial Mediation

  • Employee & Employer relationships

  • Contract and commercial disputes

  • Maintaining healthy business realtionships