Disputes and conflict are part of life, business, and relationships.  Whether the context is a business, a family, employee relations or educational achievement, sometimes we need an objective and professional hand in charting the best course and actions to take.  Shealy Solutions is a web site for three independent practices and disciplines.

Forrest Shealy can help you as an attorney and legal advisor and advocate for court disputes or conflicts that may be referred to court room for resolution.  This may be for matters involving employee or contract disputes or criminal charges, allegations, or investigations.  Forrest is also a pilot and aviator with over 28 years of flying experience and FAA pilot and instructor certifications for Airline Transport Pilot, and Instructor for Airplane single and multi-engine aircraft.  Forrest's focus is to help you chart a course and have realistic expectations in determining your best course of action in the midst of a conflict or critical phase of a dispute or problem.

Forrest is also an independent registered mediator for civil and domestic mediation.  He is registered with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution and local courts as a neutral mediator.  His expertise and objective in mediation is to help the involved primary parties determine the best forum for resolution of a dispute and to reach mutual and voluntary agreement where agreeable and to focus and define the remaining issues for further resolution if required.  He has contacts to help form a collaborative team if needed to help shape the voluntary agreement.

Dr. Linda Shealy is a professional educational counselor and licensed professional counselor.  She obtained her PhD in educational psychology from the University of Arizona where she researched and wrote on educational motivation.  She also has her masters and specialist in education and has worked as a high school teacher and counselor.  She provides counseling for educational, vocational as well as parenting and child care counseling and assisting in developing a parenting plan for in domestic relations cases.

Our Story

Forrest and Linda married in Stone Mountain, Georgia in 1983.  Both graduated from Tucker High School in Dekalb County and University of Georgia.   Forrest begin a 28 year career with the United States Air Force and Linda developed in her educational career as they lived in Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, Florida, and Germany before returning to Georgia.  They are parents of four children; two boys and two girls.

Forrest left active duty in 1992 and continued serving as an active reservist at Dobbins Air Base as he completed law school at Georgia State University and served as a prosecuting attorney in Rome, Georgia and then in Cobb County.  He went into private practice in 1998 and after 9/11/2001 returned to active duty in 2002 until he retired in 2012 from his final assignment in Arizona.  Linda meantime completed her Master and Specialist in Education while teaching and counseling and then was selected and completed her doctoral studies in Educational Psychology in Tucson, Arizona at the University of Arizona.

Forrest focuses his practice on criminal, aviation, and constitutional law while providing value driven, facilitative mediation in domestic relations, business and labor disputes, and any disputes where relationships are valued.

Linda focuses on helping discover personal values and goals and helping in educational goals and placement, life goals and development, and in parenting plan development and child custody plans for domestic relations cases.

While Forrest and Linda operate independently in their professional roles, they can work together as a mediator and counselor as part of a mediation collaborative team to help parties determine the best options and possible courses of action early in a developing conflict or problem.