Dr. Linda Shealy is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in educational placement, and counseling parenting plans, and relational counseling as well as life skills counseling to include communication, anger management, motivation, and life goals and direction.

She is  professional educator and school counselor with her Masters and Specialist degrees in education and her PhD in Educational Psychology.  She has worked with placement of students in ivy league schools and excellent regional and state schools with a process of helping the student identify goals and processes to help achieve those goals.

Dr. Shealy can also work with students from public, private, or home schools to select the best venue for their continuing education and development.

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Parenting Specialist

Parenting Plans

Educational Counseling

Life and Vocational Development

Communications and relationship counseling


17 Marathons completed

3 post graduate degrees

A successful career

A profound faith

A listening counselor